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Product Testing
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An engineered testing firm conducted ultimate shear strength test on pallet rack uprights under four different damage conditions according to ITS SOP 9 Rev.3 Tension/Compression test procedure.

The purpose of this testing was to evaluate the front to back shear strength of the uprighs in various conditions in the even that the bottom of the front column was damaged or displaced by a forklift, and to observe the effectiveness of adding a bracing panel to repair damaged uprights.


  1. Pre bent sample - 1,846 lbf

  2. Diagonal brace cut out - 430 lbf

  3. Diagonal brace cut out with a Fortified Brace Panel - 9,086 lbf

  4. Undamaged - 4,319 lbf

Test Sample 1

Test Sample 1

Pre-Bent Bracing

A pre bent sample was tested and showed a structural failure at 1,846 lbf. 

  • welds broke from frame

  • bent brace

Test Sample 2.jpg

Test Sample 2

Diagonal Brace Cut Out

Commonly found are bent or missing braces. In this a brace is cut and failed at 430 lbf.

  • top and bottom brace welds broke

Test Sample 3.jpg

Test Sample 3

Diagonal Brace Cut Out with Brace Panel Installed

Took a frame with missing brace like Sample 2 and added the Brace Panel.  The sample was shown to be stronger than an undamaged frame with 9,086 lbf.

Test Sample 4.jpg

Test Sample 4


This was an undamaged panel, failure load 4,319 lbf.

  • bent brace

  • broken weld

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