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Hardware Warehouse

We repair all your damaged racking in less time and reduce your carbon footprint.

If you manage a warehouse, distribution center or a supplier, your operations are always busy moving and storing inventory.

In this high pace industry there is always the accidental mishap of damaging your pallet racking which can result in loss of pallet locations, structural integrity, product damage or non compliance to your Risk and Safety standards. 


If you have damaged roll formed or structural frames, damaged braces, missing bracing or sheared anchor points, we can help.


Our repair team can get these items fixed in less time than others and bring your locked out locations back to it's original load capacity or stronger.


We supply a number of different roll form and structural racking system such as

  • Selective Pallet

  • VNA

  • Double Deep

  • Drive-in & Drive Thru

  • Push Back

  • Pallet Flow

  • Pallet Racking with Case Flow Track

In addition we offer our own Fortified Racking System and Fortified Brace Panels which can be installed WITHOUT having to remove your existing racking resulting in quicker turnaround and operations.  See below our list of products



Unlike other pallet racking suppliers, we offer a number of services to assist in your pallet system.


  • Supply and installation by professional installers experience in working with metal

  • We have our own engineered racking system and repair products with benefits in reducing repair time and maintenance expense

  • Installations are done with proper equipment with safety standards in place

  • Disassemble your existing racking

  • General contractor experience in managing the various challenges that may arise with modifying and adding new pallet racking

  • We can offer custom design pallet racking

  • Our design team can create a proposal for new pallet rack locations within your existing facility

  • All our product are engineered

  • Staff are OSHA trained

  • Pallet Rack Inspections
    Warehouse Pallet Rack Inspections - yearly inspections are recommended to review the various levels of damage within your facility.  We provide this service identifying which areas require critical attention to low.

If you are looking for a warehouse inspection Contact us for more information. 



Pallet Rack Frame

Structural Frame Damage

Our Structural Base Frame is utilized for repairs in structural frame damage.

These come in various sizes base on your applications and include bolt in braces and load beams with label protection.

Pallet Rack Inspections

Warehouse Inspections

If you currently have damage pallet racking and need an assessment of your facility we can help.

We will inspect your facility and provide a report on the various levels of damage.

Contact us for an inspection.

Pallet Rack Frame

Rolled Form Frame Damage

Frame damage usually occurs on the front lower frame and can be costly and time consuming to replace.

Our Super Frame allows changes with easy removal of front frame.

Pallet Rack Repairs

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Reducing your carbon footprint with our rack repairs.

Learn more on how our products help. 

Pallet Rack Brace Repairs

Brace Frame Damage

Damage to structural bracing is common.

Our Brace Panels are easily installed without any cutting or welding. 

Pallet Racking Testing

Product Testing

An engineering test was completed to demonstrate the shear strength test of pallet rack uprights under four different damaged conditions.

Our system resulted in double the shear strength installed on a damage rack versus and undamaged rack. 

Pallet Rack Box Guard

Shrinkage Reduction

Damaged and loss of product (shrinkage) effects your inventory and we have a solution.

Our Box Guards prevent this and can be easily installed with your existing racking.

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