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Warehouse Racking Supply and Repair 
Industrial General Contractor 

If you are looking for someone to help with your pallet rack system or looking to increase your pallet locations you have come to the right place.  We offer pallet racking in structural and rolled form systems.

Companies are dealing with challenges in repairing and replacing their existing systems PLUS wanting to make the best use of space for increasing product storage, we can help with this!


Global Construction Services offers supply and installation many new pallet racks and systems for structural and rolled form in the following:

  • single selective racking

  • ​double deep selective racking

  • case flow racking

  • push back racking

  • drive in racking

  • drive-thru racking

  • gravity flow racking

  • flow rail racking

  • spring rail racking


Increase Your Pallet Positions

Our team can review your facility and provide recommendations for repairs and replacements.  If you need to increasing pallet locations, we will review your locations and develop a proposal that can incorporate your existing racking with new racking locations.  

In addition to pallet racks, we are a General Contractor with the ability to provide new builds, expansions modifications, and building maintenance.

Decrease Wait Times for Repairs
Our engineered pallet rack system and repair products are unlike others, reducing costly replacement frames and repair time! 

Time is money and when your pallet positions are locked and in need of repairs due to damage, the loss of the locations and repair time impacts you.  That's what makes our systems different!  Repairs can be completed in hours verses days and in some incidences by your own maintenance staff. 

Reduce your Expenses
Whole frame replacement can be costly along with repairs to front column damage. In using our system, we can reduce future expenses and repair time with our engineered repair kits. Our kits are easy to install, can be done by your maintenance staff and you no longer have to wait for repairs, getting you back in operation.  


Brace Panels

Brace Frame Damage

Damage to structural bracing is a common occurrence.

The brace panel system is installed to repair the original factory structural integrity of the damaged area and make it equal to or greater than an undamaged frame.

Construction Worker

Warehouse Inspections

If you currently have damage pallet racking and need an assessment of your facility we can help.

We can inspect your facility and provide a report on the various levels of damage and which one of our products can get your racking back in operations.

Contact us for an inspection.


Rolled Form Frame Damage

Frame damage usually occurs on the front lower frame and can be costly and time consuming to replace.

Our Super Frame allows changes with easy removal of front frame.

Base Frame3.jpg

Structural Frame Damage

Our Structural Base Frame is utilized for repairs in structural frame damage.

These come in various sizes base on your applications and include bolt in braces and load beams with label protection.


Base Frame.jpg

Shrinkage Reduction

Damaged and loss of product (shrinkage) effects your inventory and we have a solution.

Our Box Guards prevent this and can be easily installed with your existing racking.

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